Tuesday, September 28, 2004


if U2's new single from their upcoming album is any indication, it's going to be a real corker. The Edge as guitar superhero? I'll have that, please.

Currently, it's only on iTunes. And the radio.


And speaking of iTunes, I've got to say in some ways I prefer Napster. With Napster you pay a 9.95 subscription fee per month and can download just about everything in their catalog for free. Now, those files are restricted: to burn them or transfer them to an mp3 player you have to buy them just like iTunes. But with Napster I'm swimming in new music. It's great. And, yes, I'm essentially leasing the music as the license would expire if I cancelled my subscription. But that's a bargain still.


I'm using my fourteen year old tank of a wheelchair today, as the other is being, as the kids say, pimped out. This one, though, is like skiing in a canoe. I think. I mean ungainly. Yeah.


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