Monday, September 27, 2004

I'll wait for someone wise in these matters to teach me how to add in the links, but for now I'll content myself with the template as is.

It's nearly the end of September, which means there are deadlines approaching for my manuscript. I'll have to get them together, get money orders, collate, etc. So exciting, this part. Actually, it's kind of fun, especially if you do this with a friend. Eliot and I would order a pizza, put on some music, and start putting packets together. He's flying off to the University of North Alabama today to give a reading. I will probably never be invited back to the state of Alabama. ;)

Thinking about a new poem. About my eighth-grade science teacher who believed in UFO's with a fervor. But not so much about that. She had a grandaughter, a newborn, with brittle bone disease. And not so much about that either. More about the half-remembered things of the world, the citizens of the periphery, an elegy.

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